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What To Do When You Spring A Leak

One of the most panic-inducing issues any homeowner can experience is a burst pipe or even a leak. A burst pipe can be expensive to repair, cause significant water damage, and lead to additional issues in your home as well. Whether you’ve sprung a leak or have a burst pipe, it is important you act quickly, as this can help to reduce the amount of damage your home incurs. Here are four important steps you should take in case of a significant leak.

Turn off the water

The most important thing you will need to do after a pipe bursts is to turn off the water to your home. If you are able to identify where the pipe is located, you may be able to turn off only a portion of your water. However, to minimize the risk, you should turn off the water to your whole home until you can better identify the source.

Make Minor Repairs

If the pipe is accessible, you could also try to make some minor and temporary repairs. With a burst pipe, you could often make a quick repair by using duct tape, plumbing glue, or other simple solutions. If you are in a pinch, use rubber bands, nail polish, or even glue to plug the leak until you can get a more professional repair. While these are not meant to last for a very long time, they could help you to handle the problem until you are able to get a professional to your home.


As soon as you are able to, contact a local plumber. If the issue calls for it, it may be worthwhile to pay extra for emergency plumbing service. These plumbers will be able to come to your home at any time of day or night and will be able to handle the problem on the spot. This can include fixing the broken pipe, replacing the pipe entirely, and making any additional repairs necessary to ensure future repairs are not needed.

Water Damage Repair

While fixing the pipe is the most important step, you also need to clean up any water damage as soon as possible. Through the help of your insurance company, you should be able to identify a contractor that will be able to dry up the water and replace any drywall, carpet, or other elements that need to be replaced. Drying techniques and drying equipment today is significantly better than what was available even 5 years ago. Even if you’ve got a bit of a flood on your hands, new water extraction techniques should be able to sort your home out.

Once you notice a leak, it is important to start reacting as quickly as possible. By following these four tips, you can help to minimize the damage of the broken pipe and start the repair process.