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How to Safely Extinguish a Small Fire

When a fire is just starting, it could be small enough to be extinguished with a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher, but if you see that is scattering fast or taking longer than five seconds to be defeated with a fire extinguisher, then you must pull a fire alarm, evacuate the building, and call 911.

  • Electrical Fire

Always remember to turn the appliance off or to pull out the plug. Do not use water because it can cause an electrical shock. Use a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket.

  • Cooking Fire

Shut off the stove, gas supply or oven. Use baking soda on food to smother the fire, use a lid or keep the oven door closed. DO NOT use water or turn on the exhaust fan since that will draw the flames onto a concealed space.

  • Grease Pan

Never leave unattended the cooking oil on the stove on. Hot grease can spatter and ignite any paper, cloth, or wood materials nearby.

  • Fire in Oven

Maintain the oven grease free! A greasy broiler or meet can catch fire even during preheating.

  • Gas Fires

Shut off the gas supply. Smother with a rug, blanket or Type B extinguisher or cool with water. Call 911.

  • Leaking Gas

Never enter an area with a lighted match or cigarette if you smell gas from a pipe, heater or stove. DO NOT turn light switches on or off. The smallest spark or flame could cause an explosion.

No matter the type of fire, we always recommend calling 911 or the Fire Department even if you have extinguished the fire. Is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Source: “Different ways to Extinguish Different Fires”