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How to Take Care of Your Business After a Fire

Business owners in Virginia sometimes face the grim task of caring for a company in the aftermath of a fire. If you find yourself in this unwelcome position, how should you proceed? What steps should you take as you contemplate the challenges of making insurance claims and receiving compensation? While this article indeed cannot supply comprehensive information in this situation (every firm faces unique circumstances), following these general tips may offer valuable assistance:

Maintain a Positive Mental And Emotional Outlook

Keeping a positive outlook is incredibly important, and will help you visualize where you want to be after this incident (Under30CEO). First, remember your most challenging duty at this point involves a large measure of self-care. Don’t allow the recent fire to consume your effectiveness! Living through a conflagration in any setting consists of some degree of trauma. Make sure you arrange for anyone directly impacted by the blaze to speak with a trained counselor. Your local fire department may offer useful resources as you locate this type of assistance. By demonstrating support for your employees at this point, your company sets an important precedent.

Work Closely With Your Advisors

During the critical hours following a company fire, you’ll likely want to consult with several professional advisors: your attorney, your public relations team, your marketing department, and your human resources department supervisor may all offer critical insights in helping your firm address the situation. Most company fires today, fortunately, do not result in deaths or the total loss of company facilities. Yet since every incident maintains unique elements, you’ll want to meet with your advisors to learn about their recommendations under the circumstances. One key contact to get in touch with is your insurance agent, as they can be a game changer. Although, keep in mind that unfortunately, the primary concern of insurance companies is limiting their own liability (Greenberg Law Offices). So you just might want to anticipate some issues with that.

Consider Hiring a Professional Fire Remediation Service

During recent years, specialized fire remediation services have arisen in many locations. Your insurer may recommend you consider retaining the services of one of these firms if you do not already have one available for consultation. By taking this step, you’ll typically enjoy a much easier time documenting your company’s losses and obtaining fast remedial assistance. Fire remediation experts help businesses develop a comprehensive fire loss mitigation and remediation plan, in addition to initiating rapid site cleanup and restoration measures. Professionals will examine your business’s surface, building materials, and contents to identify damage and create a plan to effectively restore your building (Flooddoctorva).

Finally, Revisit Your Company Business Plan

After taking these steps and arranging for site cleanup and remediation, you’ll find yourself in a much stronger position to address any required changes to your business plan. You will likely need new facilities and better fire suppression technologies. Before you find a permanent solution, you may want to set up a virtual office space, which is a physical address you can rent without signing a long-term lease (Davinci).

After a fire, you will have a lot of matters to attend to before you can resume business as usual. Revisit your company business plan so you can address these types of long-term issues.