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How to Protect Your Deck During a Wet Season

Home decks can be one of the best things that owners can add to their home. They are great for a get-together with friends or for simply lounging in the sun with a good book. However, when the weather is bad, the deck is often neglected. This happens mostly during the wet seasons. Unfortunately, this is also when decks become damaged by the elements. The following list entails some of the most important things to do to protect your home deck during the wet season.

Put Away Furniture

When the weather is inclement, it simply doesn’t allow people to utilize their deck as much as during the summer months. At this point, FrontGate suggests cleaning, covering, and storing your deck furniture. This not only protects your furniture but also the appearance of your deck. The fact is that the weather between fall and winter can be very inconsistent. One day you might receive freezing rain and others you might get strong windstorms. Leaving your furniture on your deck can leave permanent marks if not removed in time.

Refinish the Wood

If there is one thing you can do to help ensure that the quality of your deck isn’t too damaged over the wet season, it is to refinish the wood. Wood soaks up moisture and it can get extremely damaged if oversaturated. By taking the proper precautions, however, you can keep your deck from falling apart. There are plenty of water-repellant products that you can find at your local store, but homeowners should keep in mind not to apply it too early. Rainguard Water Sealers says when refinishing your deck, the wood and air should be dry before applying any chemicals. The weather should be consistently over 50 degrees. Fluctuation in sunlight and temperatures can deter your work from being effective.

Get Overhead Protection

One of the best alternatives to having to refinish your deck constantly is to install overhead protection. According to Deck Remodelers, a louvered roof is designed to let in the sun on a nice day and keep rain out during bad weather. It might require a bit of an investment on your part, but it can certainly save you work and money when it comes to protecting your home deck. 

There are many options for protecting your deck when the weather gets bad. By following some basic steps, like putting away outdoor furniture, applying a water-repellant, or investing in overhead protection, you will have no issues protecting your deck from water damage.

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