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How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home After a Flood

How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home After a Flood

<![CDATA[Floods often cause extensive damage that can make a home feel unwelcoming and inhospitable. The construction that follows a flood only exacerbates these feelings. However, there are plenty of ways homeowners can make their homes feel warm and inviting again.

Invest in New Furniture

If your furniture was damaged or destroyed, invest in new pieces as soon as possible. It’s expensive but getting the furniture back into your home will make it cozy and comfortable again. Your insurance company may also pay for some or most of the replacement costs.
This article explains, “furnishing an entire house is overwhelming, so break it down into small tasks to make it easier. Decide what needs immediate replacement and what can wait. For example, you’ll need to get new mattresses right away, but you can probably hold off on end tables and bookshelves. You should also think of the entire space of your home, and how to link everything with matching furniture.”
On the other hand, you may prefer to furnish your home one room at a time. If you opt for this method, start with the rooms you use the most and go from there. Many people think they should start in the kitchen, but you can eat almost anywhere. Instead, consider starting in the bedrooms. Having a warm, comfortable place to sleep at night can make it easier to handle the challenges that come your way during and after a home restoration.

Make it Smell Nice

Many homes are left with unwelcome smells after flood damage. Mold and mildew have very distinctive scents that may remain even after their root causes have been removed. Drywall, paint, and other construction materials can also have unpleasant smells you’d like to remove or cover up.
Finding the right smells can be tough, but one way to make your home warm and inviting again it is to create a personalized scent you love. According to this article, “the secret to creating the most personalized scented atmosphere is to play with layering three dimensions: contrasting textures, true-to-life scent impressions, and authentic emotional feelings.”

Paint Your Home

Paint your home to make it feel inviting again. Even if the entire house wasn’t damaged, consider painting all the rooms. Painting a home’s walls is an easy, cost-effective way to make it appear fresh and clean. Consider painting the walls different colors than they were before the flood so you can feel like it’s a new home, and not like the one that experienced a flood. This page explains, “choosing a bright paint color for your living room walls and pairing it with neutral living room colors can bring energy to a space without being too overwhelming. Or you could go for a cool and relaxing theme like aqua blue paired with sandy white to create a beach-like environment.”

Display Personal Touches

It may make you nervous but go ahead and display a few personal mementos, such as family photographs and heirlooms. If you’re worried about another flood, making copies of the photographs will relieve some of your anxiety. According to this source, “displaying prints of your photos all around your home can add a feeling of homeyness that’s hard to replicate. Even a couple photos here or there can make a room more cozy and personal.” Having a plan in place to store heirlooms in a safe location before an impending storm will help you feel better as well.
If you’re recovering from a flood, try to make your home warm and inviting again as soon as possible. The sooner it looks, smells and feels like home, the sooner you’ll feel comfortable living there. Go ahead and buy some new furniture, paint your walls, find a new scent, and add a few personal touches. Taking these steps will make you feel better and enable you to enjoy your home once again.]]>

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