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How to Fix Up an Older House for Sale

Fixing up an older house can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a plan of action based on what is affordable, while keeping in mind the features home buyers are looking for, will result in a much easier task to undertake. The following list contains a few straightforward ideas which are relatively inexpensive to complete.

How to Fix Up an Older House for Sale

The Yard

The yard is the first area a prospective buyer will notice when visiting the home. Trim the grass, rake the leaves, eliminate weeds, plant some flowers, or put a few potted plants near the front of the home. Also, be sure to trim the trees and bushes so they appear well-cared for and rid the yard of any trash.



The less clutter in the home, the better. Home buyers want to imagine how their furnishings will look, and how it could become their own. This is easily accomplished when there is a minimum amount of the current owners’ possessions in the home. If necessary, consider renting a storage unit temporarily. This not only helps to reduce clutter but also results in fewer items to pack when it comes time to move.



A fresh coat of paint throughout the house, preferably white, not only brightens up a home, it causes it to feel cleaner inside. Home buyers appreciate this, as it would be one less task they would need to complete when settling into their new place.


Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the most important rooms for most buyers, so they should be as clean as possible, from top to bottom. If the counters are old and out of date, visit a home store or check online pricing for a replacement. Laminate, for example, would be an ideal choice as it is inexpensive. New counters or even simple hardware changes give the appearance of a fresh, clean home.



If the carpet has seen better days, it should be replaced. Any odor in the home will cause a prospective buyer to turn around and leave, as does the appearance of dirty floors. Be sure they are clean, especially around trim and in the corners. Also, if any of the floors are tiled, a fresh layer of grout can give the appearance of a brand-new floor.


Repairing Fire or Water Damage

If the home has been damaged by water or fire, it should be repaired immediately. Take advantage of restoration services, usually covered by homeowner’s insurance, to rid the home of any damage. There are several restoration companies available for this type of work, so feel free to contact a few for an estimate. It is important to find one that is trustworthy and will work well with the owner of the home.


In summary, these are among the simplest fixes which help an older home sell quicker than it would otherwise, and often for a much better price. For additional ideas on how to fix up an older home to place for sale, walk through it, room by room, through the eyes of a buyer and try to get a feel for any further improvements they may appreciate, and then determine whether they are worth the expense.