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Hidden Signs of Water Damage Potentially Hiding in Your Kitchen

Water damage is something every homeowner fears. From mold infestation to causing your roof to cave in, water damage is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, it is not hard to catch a water leak before it destroys your house. One of the most common places where water damage occurs is the kitchen. Read on to learn the hidden signs of water damage potentially hiding in your kitchen.


One of the most notable signs of water damage is the smell it can give off. The odor itself is often described as a musty odor, similar to the scent that damp wood gives off. If you start smelling this, even if it is not pungent, you need to search for the source. The smell is merely the beginning of what water damage can do, so the quicker you find the source, the better. If you are not exactly sure where to look or it is in an area you cannot access, call a professional.

Cupboards Not Fitting Right

If you thought the smell was unbearable, wait until the water damage starts affecting the integrity of your floors, ceiling, and cabinets. According to Wholesale Cabinets, water damage can come from steam from cooking, water dripping off of dishes, and so much more. These can cause water damage and warp your cabinets, cupboards, or anything else made of wood. Wood is very sensitive, especially when it comes in contact with water.</p>

Leaking Pipes

Another sign that you have water damage is a leaky pipe. In worst-case scenarios, the pipe may have burst. Your pipes are mainly located behind your walls; however, pipes that are visible, such as the one underneath your kitchen sink, can burst as well. Regardless, you will either need to have them fixed or replaced by a professional. Since your pipes are out of sight and sometimes out of mind, you may be wondering how to know it’s the cause of water damage. Take your hand and feel around the wall for any <a href=”” target=”_blank”>moisture or cold patches.</a> Water damage, although catastrophic if left to situate, is easily preventable.

All it takes is a little inspection. Compared to things like mold, water damage is very easy to spot. If you think you have any water damage in your kitchen, you need to take action immediately to avoid expensive repairs and possible reconstruction.

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