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They removed, dried and rebuilt our entire kitchen, bathroom, and basement after water damage.We had a pipe burst on our top floor while we were out of town. By the time we got back the water had made its way down all the way to the basement. Our bathroom, kitchen and the entire basement were saturated. We called Flood Doctor and they came out immediately. Using thermal imaging cameras they showed us exactly what areas the water had penetrated.Frank was very helpful in dealing with our insurance company. He got on the phone with them right away and got authorization to start work the same night. His crew spent the next 8 days removing all wet drywall and flooring that could no longer be saved. They used fans and dehumidifiers to completely dry out the house. They also took multiple air and culture samples to make sure we did not have mold growth anywhere.They rebuilt our entire kitchen, bathroom, and basement within two weeks. They literally worked around the clock to get us back into the house as quickly as possible. Frank and his crew turned one of the worst experiences our family has had right around. His knowledge of insurance company procedures made it not only easy for us but also our adjuster. Our adjuster even took the time to write us an email telling us how refreshing it was to work with someone as knowledgeable as him.

Highly Recommended!

Dr. John Rouhani – Mclean, Virginia