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7 Ways to Use Interior Design to Prevent Housefires

Preventing fires at home has a great deal to do with choosing smart interior design components. Some traditional home furnishings look wonderful, but they can promote the spread of a fire if it happens. There are also some popular types of furniture that can increase the chances of a fire starting. Here are several ways to minimize house fire risk, while still achieving a beautiful interior.

Avoid Inverted Lighting

Certain lamps are designed with shades and shadowing components that point toward the ceiling. Beautiful floor lamps and chandeliers with this type of diffusion are very popular with homeowners who like contemporary themes. It doesn’t matter how clean the air is in the home, dust and lint still tend to collect inside the shades. Even with safe LED bulbs, the dust and lint can interact with electrical components. This can cause electrical arcs that lead to a fire. These types of lighting styles are even more dangerous if they are placed around hanging objects. Decorate the home with lighting that is easy to clean, and has adequate insulators around bulb sockets.

Mind the Drapery

There is nothing like the classic look of flowing curtains that hang to the floor. They can create amazing visual effects with a room’s dimensions. Unfortunately, long curtains can be a fire hazard. This is probably obvious to anyone who has a home that is heated by electric floor elements. It is not so obvious, however, to people with wood heat and gas. The danger lies in fire behavior. If a fire does occur, ceiling-to-floor curtains are likely to catch easily and spread the fire quicker. Consider flame-resistant roller shades as a safer alternative to drapes. Proper flame resistant window coverings actually help firefighters in their efforts to save homes.

Consider Modern Fireplace Options

Having an authentic wood fireplace provides a unique type of ambiance in the home. For some people, it is worth the effort of hauling wood and cleaning soot to have a real fireplace. Real flames and creosote buildup, however, are extremely common catalysts in home fires. The cost of wood, chimney service, and constant monitoring can far exceed the cost of beautiful electric insert fireplaces. These inserts can be paired with attractive faux stone facades. They also provide even heat and a wonderful flame image to snuggle in front of. The danger of fire from heating a room is virtually eliminated with a quality insert.

Safety During the Holidays

Most people are aware of the fire dangers that come with the holidays. One of the worst risks comes from decorating a tree with old strings of lights. Sometimes, even new light strings are a danger because they are poorly made, or they cannot handle a home’s electrical load. The danger of fire becomes extreme if a Christmas tree is not properly kept green. A great idea, no matter the tree size, is fiber optic lighting. Some manufactured trees have lighting as part of their design. Separate safe lighting can also be purchased if a real tree each year is preferred. Christmas trees decorated in an older style are also quite attractive. This means an abundance of craft decorations, frost effects, and heritage items.

Costumed Smoke Detectors

Many homeowners try to get away with not having visible ceiling fire and smoke detectors. After all, they can be an eyesore. A home burned to the ground, in the end, is more of an eyesore. There are many sources of custom fire and smoke detectors available that match a home’s color scheme, architecture, and design themes. They can look like natural components of wood and metal house surfaces. These types of fire and smoke detectors can be expensive to purchase, but they are worth it. They are also adequate for meeting home inspection regulations and can relieve interior design frustrations.

Vintage Furniture Dangers

If a person decorates their home with vintage furniture, they should be aware of the condition of the padding materials. Only in recent years, has the government mandated that fire-resistant materials be used in the making of couches, mattresses, pillows, and other pieces. The padding material in any piece of vintage furniture can be replaced with safe material by a professional or there may be other ways to fireproof your antique pieces. If doing this radically affects the piece’s value, make every effort to place it away from fireplaces, appliances, electronics, and heating elements.

Rely on Experts

Many homeowners have a beautiful interior design concept that they are unable to accomplish because of the lack of certain skills. A common cause of increased home fire danger is large DIY projects that are finished poorly. Do not hesitate to hire a professional interior designer to bring a home vision to life. Make sure this designer is certified, aware of reports about home safety by the US. Fire Administration, and can spot hazards within any design concept.

Never hesitate to realize a preferred home interior design simply because of the fear of fire. There are endless ways to make any design safer and attractive at the same time. If hidden fire hazards in an interior design have become a concern, hire a professional to spot the dangers and suggest improvements.